Online Ayurveda Consultation

Ayurveda is a medical system originated in the land of India but we wish that its beneficial rays  reach the entire world. Sometimes it happens, you find yourself in need of Ayurveda but are confused whom to approach, how to approach or, due to time constraints, it becomes difficult to get to an Ayurveda physician far away. So, here is the solution…

romromjjYou can discuss your health issues, take advises regarding the ways to lead a healthy life with your Ayurvedic doctor from the comfort of your home, at a convenient time- no travelling or waiting outside the clinic for your turn. Our physicians are here to provide you with necessary help. Ayurvedic consultations are based mainly on :

Identifying your body constitution

Analyzing the status of your Tridosha


 After a detailed consultation discussing your health conditions advice will be given on:

  • Diet and lifestyle changes
  • Herbal medications and supplements to be taken
  • Ayurveda body treatments and panchakarma therapies to be undergone as per the health status
  • Building up a healthy routine


Our online consultation services are done :

Via mail

Via Skype

For your Online Ayurveda Consultation



 Email to our doctor at



Medicine and Shipping

If medications advised, we have the facility to send them to you anywhere in the world (except those areas where the law is strictly not favoring) after the receipt of required expenses.

We would make the arrangements for required medications to reach you after consultation. please send your enquiry for medications and shipping to


we ensure that the quality of the medicines will be 100 % before they reach to you.