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OUR HISTORY           

Ayurveda is an art of living since antiquity. The origin of Ayurveda is considered to be divine and it has its foundation laid by the ancient schools of Hindu philosophical teachings named Vaiseshika and the school of logic named as Nyaya.The History Rich in history and of proven efficacy this natural healing medicine has spread to various parts of the world showering its influence in different aspects of living world. We, though consider ourselves luckier than rest of the world as our roots lay deep in the soil of this great land of purity and superiority in terms of natural resources and rather very blessed as whatever runs through our vessels is not mere blood, its this great legacy that has been passed on from ages.

We, Dhanwanthari Ayurveda in this part of the world have a history which spread centuries apart. The recorded historical evidence is that our Grandfather Late Shri Kunjiraman Vaidyar established a named set up known as ‘Divya Oushadha Sadhanam ’ at Pazhayangdi, Kannur, Kerala back in early 1930s which was later renovated and renamed as ‘Dhanwanthari Ayurveda’ in 1967 by our father Dr T. P Ramdas. Today, we consider ourselves lucky enough to be the appointed ones to propagate it further. Simultaneously, we pray to the Almighty to render our shoulder with the strength and power so that we take this responsibility with utmost dedication and sincerity.




We, Dhanwanthari Ayurveda work with the aim of bringing this ancient science of holistic medicine for the benefits of modern world. As this traditional system of medical practice has a lot to do with the modern way of living and health issues, we try to bring it to the reach of everyone around the globe to the best of we could.

We work behind the goal of ‘ SPREADING THE RAYS OF AYURVEDA TO ALL’  and serve the Ayurveda objectives of

  • Preserving the health of a healthy individual (swasthasya swaasthya samrakshanam)
  • Curing the disease of a diseased person (Aaturasya vikara prasamanam)

This can be achieved by following certain principles of dietary regimen, daily regimen, seasonal regimen, Panchakarma purification therapies, Rasayana Vajeekarana rejuvenation therapies and by including some Ayurveda herbal remedies in the life. And this is what is provided in Dhanwanthari Ayurveda.our-goal

Dhanwanthari -The incarnation of Lord Vishnu is considered as the physician of Gods and God of Ayurveda. He was the real exponent of the traditional system of holistic medicine, Ayurveda. With his blessings we wish our goal comes true to spread the rays of Ayurveda to All for better health and happiness.

To bring our goal to success we offer various services like


Dhanwanthari Ayurveda has a team of highly dedicated and qualified professionals having great passion towards this great science and their profession.

Dr T P Ramdas

Dr T.P Ramdas is a very renowned physician in the field of Ayurveda for long 55 years He is a humble, down to earth person who considers Ayurveda as a medium to serve mankind.  He was born in a traditional Ayurveda family where his forefathers were practicing this holistic science for more than 100 years. His family was most respected in the society for their healing therapies and their warm gentle therapeutic touch had given health and happiness to thousands of people even from far away areas. Dr Ramdas completed his Ayurveda degree from Kottakal Ayurveda Medical College and is well expertised in the knowledge of wide variety of herbs and their formulations and he finds time preparing the most needed medicines for his patients.

Dr Prajith Parambath 

Dr Prajith, has a very strong background of Ayurveda in his family. His father’s lineage has a lot of Ayurveda practitioners who incarnate the theories of Ayurveda in their real life and used this knowledge to serve the mankind and society for many decades. His forefathers were specialized in various aspects of Ayurveda and now the tradition has reached up to him.

‘Ayurveda was my great inspiration from early childhood and was highly motivated to it’- says Dr Prajith. He was always in constant touch with this science and was brought up observing and experiencing various Ayurveda principles. Since his school days, he was always there with his father Dr T P Ramadas in his practise of this time tested healing medicine helping him and learning from him the tradition of their family.

Dr Prajith completed his Bachelor’s degree from Parassinikkadavu Ayurveda Medical College, Kerala, India and is now working fully devoted to Ayurveda. He is always there to help and support anyone who needs Ayurveda in their life

Dr Shamna Prajith

Dr Shamna is the wife of Dr Prajith Parambath and always stood as his best companion in his various activities of Ayurveda. She also received her bachelor’s degree from Parassinikkadavu Ayurveda Medical College, Kannur, Kerala, India and is whole heartedly working in this field of Ayurveda as consultant Ayurveda physician serving people maintaining their health and treating various ailments. She was so much in luck to get the opportunity to learn the principles of Ayurveda from its great legends like most honorable Late Shri Ashtavaidyan Vaidyamadam Cheriyanarayanan Namboothiri and Shri Gangadharan vaidyar.

She always believes that if God has a reason to bring you to this world, he also has created reasons for you to be happy and also solutions for all your miseries. And that solution is to make Ayurveda your way of life. She has an immense passion toward this holistic healing medicine and is very proud to be a part of this. Dr Shamna has the experience of dealing with people from different parts of the world giving lectures on Ayurvedic principles and providing treatments to cure their illness.

Now, she is working behind the goal of ‘Spreading the Rays of Ayurveda to All’ aiming to spread the wide knowledge and awareness of this science to the entire world.

Massage Therapist and Para Medical Staff

We have well trained and qualified massage therapists and other Para medical staff who is well aware of the holistic power in the profession they do. They are selected after a strict screening process and are at your service with a positive energy carried in their heart, mind and fingertips.