Pregnancy and Post Natal Care Packages

Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy – A woman’s Crowning Creative Experience for a Lifetime

Pregnancy is the most blessed and most beautiful time in a woman’s life. It makes her complete performing her role in the process of creation. It is said the best thing u can contribute to the world is a healthy child. A woman undergoes a lot of changes in her hormones, physic and psyche taking this path of pregnancy and child bearing and so should be given utmost and proper care to both mother and growing fetus to make this important journey of life easy and healthy.
Ayurveda Acharyas mentions a lot about this starting from how a couple should prepare themselves physically and mentally to welcome a child to month wise development of fetus in the womb, changes happening in body of mother and fetus, medications and dietary supplements to be taken each month. It also explains some lifestyle changes that should be made to make this period more comfortable. We incorporate all these principles including yoga, meditation and well done pregnancy massage in our center aiding in healthy mother, healthy baby and easy pregnancy, delivery and post pregnancy care.

The period after pregnancy is the time the woman should be given enough mental and physical support to get back to her normal life after passing through all the strains of pregnancy and delivery. Also when she steps in to new phase of life, the most blessed mother hood her body and mind should be nourished well to bring up her baby in the best way.

Treatments include:

  • Pre pregnancy detoxifications preparing for a healthy generation (couple treatment)
  • Pregnancy care
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Month wise dietary and herbal supplements
  • Stress reduction and relaxation therapies
  • Post Pregnancy Care
  • Post pregnancy massages
  • Dietary and herbal supplements
  • Yoga, meditation and pranayama
  • Ayurveda organic food

Note: Treatments decided only after a detailed consultation by our physician