Child Care Packages

This is knowledge of Ayurveda incorporated with the traditional grandmother’s techniques to help in the healthy growth and development of a child. Children are considered as greatest blessings and a new born baby is welcomed to the family as a festival of happiness, proud and celebrations. Old time grandmothers knew everything regarding Baby Care including baby massages, herbal supplements to improve their brain functions and physical development, measures to improve the quality and quantity of breast milk in mother to be supplied to the baby, the best weaning food, the methods to impart proper behavior and social awareness in children.


Every Child You Encounter is a Divine Appointment

Ayurveda text books, particularly the Samhitas have descriptions of various treatments, diet, behaviour and lifestyle modalities used to improve the overall growth and development of a child right from the time of birth. Also various natural herbs like Brahmi, Sankhapushpi, Vacha etc and their wide variety of formulations are explained in a separate section called Kaumarabhrithya.

Each child is unique and we in Dhanwanthari Ayurveda and Panchakarma center consider this uniqueness and provide ample care and protection to each of them in a very natural way boosting their innate immunity and helping them to grow healthy and happy. We also provide counselling and support to the parents and family members to help them bring up their child in the ever best way.

Our child care package includes care for children right from the first day of birth to 15 years old.We provide both preventive and disease based curative treatments.

Our treatments include:

  • Special Abhyanga Massage and Swedana
  • Various treatments like Navarakizhi, Navaratheppu, Avagaha
  • Shirodhara, Shoirovasti
  • Disease based treatments and medications
  • Suitable Panchakarma
  • Ayurveda herbs and medicinal formulations
  • Diet and life style Modifications

Note: Treatments decided only after a detailed consultation by our physician