Beauty Care and Bridal Packages

Ayurveda Beauty Care & Bridal Package

Woman and man of all age groups are always concerned of their beauty even in the olden days, today and every day. Many year old scriptures provide good proof for this. Describing beauty always was the favorite subject for most of the poets. In Ayurveda beauty means both internal and external wellness and health.


The main cause of almost all the beauty problem faced by today’s world lies in internal imbalance. So Ayurveda treatments are focused on uprooting the root cause giving both internal and external detoxification providing u long lasting true and absolute beauty. Ayurveda explains various treatment modalities, herbs and formulations to cure and glorify your overall beauty. And Kerala is a land blessed by Mother Nature providing a large variety of such herbs. We in our treatments make use of all those natural products in its best way.
Also, we provide special care for girls preparing for the most important event in their life – Marriage through our bridal packages.
We deal with:

  1. Hair and scalp problems like hair fall, premature graying, dandruff etc
  2. Face and other skin problems like acne, dry skin, pigmented skin etc
  3. Hand and foot diseases
  4. Body Care Treatments  

Our treatments includes

  • Various massages for face, head, hand, foot and whole body
  • Various Kizhi
  • Shirodhara
  •  Facials
  •  Face and Hair packs
  • Hand and Foot Treatments
  • Body Wraps and Packs
  • Body Bath
  • Herbal Steaming
  • Internal Cleansing Procedures- Panchakarma
  • Medication and Herbal Supplements

Duration: 2 – 4weeks

Note: Treatments (facials, hair treatments, body wrap etc) can also be done along with other panchakarma packages separately.

Treatments decided only after prior consultation with our doctor determining the body constitution, understanding the skin type and analyzing the imbalance