Anti Ageing Rejuvenation Packages

facial-rejuvenation-main-imageimagesAgeing is a natural phenomenon of becoming older but no one really wants to grow old. It is a universal process and had begun with the origin of life. Ageing includes all physical, psychological and social changes and is the continuation of one that regulates growth and development in the childhood. The most significant symptom of ageing is seen on the skin like appearance of wrinkles, sagging, dryness, blemishes and pigmentations, others like greying of hair, impairment of hearing and vision, arthritic problems, Alzheimer’s, dementia are very common. Although ageing is considered as a physiological process there are certain factors like our food, lifestyle, sleeping patterns, environment, stress, various injuries and damages which trigger the process of ageing.

download Ayurveda, the traditional Indian knowledge of living healthy – had great details about the process of ageing. The methods to prevent, slow down and treat this had been clearly described. Ayurveda explains various rejuvenative therapies with the special class of medicinal preparations called Rasayana that are believed to rebuild the body and mind. It prevents degeneration and postpones ageing or rather reverse the ageing process. Panchakarma is another popular detoxificative and rejuvenative process. There are hundreds of rejuvenative herbs mentioned in Ayurveda samhithas which can be used internally and externally. In Dhanwanthari Ayurveda centre we incorporate all this principles to bring a new bliss to your life.

Our treatments include:

  • Various rejuvenating massages and Kizhis
  • Ayurveda skin and hair care beauty treatments
  • Panchakarma
  • Rejuvenative herbal supplements
  • Diet and life style management


Note: Treatments decided only after a detailed consultation by our physician